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Top 2,500 UK Companies - choice of 35 different job functions

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blue pages are the foremost provider of top companies' lists for the UK; we have supplied accurate and responsive top companies' lists to a large number of customers. In fact, our customers like us so much that we were named as one of the top 3 'most reputable' list companies.  Please note that there are NO email lists/ bulk marketing products available for sale on this site.  If you have come to this site looking for an opt-in email list, please click here

With blue pages, targeting the right prospects in the largest companies is as easy as 1-2-3. Choose from 35 different job titles to reach the named decision-makers of your choice. No other list supplier offers this breadth of names helping you target exactly who you want to target, so we'll make sure you don't end up with IT Directors, when you are really after Telecoms Managers, or Branch Managers, when you are looking to target Chief Executives.

In addition, blue pages can help you target the largest companies by many other criteria; so if you are looking for, say, the largest UK companies in terms of IT spend or perhaps the largest IT departments, or you wish to prospect organisations who spend more than others on their fleet or corporate entertainment, we can help

For our top companies' lists for the UK, click on List of Lists - UK.  You will find further information available for every list, and all UK lists can be purchased securely online.

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We have also recently introduced a List Search facility on this site, as well as a comprehensive A-Z Index of Lists. If you are unable to find the list you are looking for, do contact us for further help.

To celebrate 10 years of providing top companies' lists of unequalled quality we are offering a list of the largest 2,500 UK companies, with your choice of named executive of 35 different job functions, for only £295 (discounted by almost 90%); click here to find out more

We have also just completed collecting the opt-in email addresses of the vast majority of functional executives in the largest 500,000 UK companies (click here to see the 35 job functions we collected); a test quantity of the opt-in email addresses of 25,000 functional executives of your choice can be purchased for only £295; click here to find out more.

This offer has been extended and will end at 17:30 on Friday, May 31st

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We want you to be happy with your list, and use it to obtain outstanding results; if you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, we won't quibble and refund the purchase price in full. This policy applies to this offer and all other lists on our site, and is in place to guarantee complete peace of mind.

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